The P.L.U.S.® Pivot Link Universal System has an advanced design combining a narrow 11.5 mm width implant, a low profile construct on a 6.0 mm rod and a unique capability to offer optimal implant-bone interface for hooks or screws.

During correction maneuvers and after final locking, the "pivot link" angulates with the rod in the sagittal plane to accommodate spinal anatomy and reduce constraints on pedicle anchorages.

The X-PLUS™ Spine System derives from the proven P.L.U.S.® Pivot Link Universal system. It facilitates all maneuvers required for the treatment of degenerative diseases, thanks to an unmatched freedom of the screw head (180° transverse / 50° sagittal angulation).

It is no longer a secret, Pivot Link concept makes P.L.U.S.® and X-PLUS™ the superior choice for scoliotic spine reduction maneuvers.

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