Flex+™ is an innovative stabilization system offering multiple stabilization options to be used with SpineVision® posterior lumbar pedicle screw systems : P.L.U.S.®, X-PLUS™, U.L.I.S.™ and LUMIS™.

Flex+™ addresses two critical needs of the posterior screw based market :

  • dynamic stabilization of the spine without fusion (providing a lumbar spine restabilization after decompression).

  • hybrid stabilization (providing protection of the adjacent level(s) in a lumbar fusion).

As such, the system is adaptable to the various stages of disc degeneration from early degenerative stage of intervertebral disc to ultimate stage of disc degeneration requiring a fusion.

This level of flexibility not only offers spine surgeons more options in the treatment of lumbar disc diseases, but also allows Selective Segmental Stabilization during the surgical procedure and therefore adaptability to better treat multiple disc degeneration stages.

Overall, Flex+™ top-loading, top-tightening design combined with its ability to accommodate both open and percutaneous approaches allows unparalleled ease of use and high versatility.

Flex+™ is not Available for sale in the USA

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